Leading Auckland physio Sports Lab sets itself apart by doing things differently. You wont find yourself left alone, hooked up to a machine in a dark room when you see a Sports Lab physio. We value our time together and ensure that you get our full, undivided attention for the duration of your physio appointment. Our central Auckland physiotherapists are a friendly bunch who would happily talk about your holiday or your kids all day, but equally, know when it is time to talk shop.
At Sports Lab we value good communication. Our team of Auckland physios will clearly explain to you what we are doing and why we are doing it. As a well read group our bunch are able to meet you at your level, either engaging in an earnest discourse about the current physiotherapy research trends and how they influence the best course of physio treatment for you… or if you would rather… just simply explaining your options and then providing their recommendations.

How is Physio different at Sports Lab in Grafton, Auckland?

Longer appointments with a focus on improving your understanding

At Auckland physiotherapy specialist Sports Lab we have longer appointment times, all new physio client bookings are 60 minutes and from there we work on 30 or 60 minute sessions. We feel that by spending more time with you less often we are able to be much more effective and ultimately able save you time and frustration.

With all this extra time our Auckland physios will:

  1. Listen to you and ensure we understand your goals and current progress
  2. Thoroughly complete all relevant assessments
  3. Explain to you what we have found and what it means
  4. Provide any required physiotherapy treatment
  5. Explain or demonstrate to you how you have responded and what this means
  6. Explain what you need to do and what you can expect following the appointment

Our intention is to explain everything so that you leave the physio appointment informed, and understanding our plan.

A variety of effective physiotherapy treatment options

Sports Lab’s physios are trained and experienced in a wide range of treatment modalities. On top of this we regularly head off around the country or overseas to learn or refine our physiotherapy skills.

We acknowledge that our Auckland physio clients all respond differently to each treatment option. Your body loves variation. For this reason, and to stop you reaching a plateau, we are well equipped with the knowledge and means to keep your body guessing. 

At Sports Lab physio in central Auckland, some of our common hands on physiotherapy treatment options include:

  • Trigger point massage
  • Soft tissue massage
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Dry needling plus
  • Hands on stretches
  • Neural flossing

And this is just to name a few. Even if you feel like you have exhausted physio treatment before, contact us to find out what we will do differently.

A team comprising Auckland physio specialists in a wide range of human movements

With 206 bones in your body and a staggering number of muscles and joints, getting these all to line up all of the time is a pretty big ask! With today’s variety of sports, jobs and pass-times each requiring a different series of complex movements, no one can be blamed for occasionally needing a little help.

Our team of physios in the Auckland CBD bring with them a wide range of specialist skill sets, each having worked with a wide range of biomechanical challenges in the past. Our physios are specialists in:

  • Running, cycling & swimming
  • Hockey
  • Pilates & Yoga
  • Workplace & Car positioning
  • Lifting techniques – both for the gym and those little weights on legs who seem to increase in weight constantly

Give us a call to find out which one of our team would be best to help you. Also check out our biomechanical services for more information

Physiotherapy at Sports Lab

If you are interested in finding out how we can help you please feel free to give us a call on (09) 368 1552

For your initial physio appointment you will need to allow approximately 60 minutes. For future appointments we offer 30 and 60 minute slots. Your Auckland physio can help to advise you of what will work best.

Vaughan Craddock is our principal physiotherapist. He is ably supported by our physio team including Richard Linley, Livvy Wilson, Hamish Startin and Ryan Smith

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